Advanced Filament LED


As a major manufacturer of advanced lighting, we offer global clients innovative, high quality filament LED bulbs based on 31 years of lighting experience


Specialty & Strength

Environmental Friendliness

As part of our interconnected world, 

Super Trend has taken steps to greener products. We were the first CFL manufacturer awarded the ECO-label as early as 2001, and our light bulbs are produced according to RoHS, Reach & ErP Directive of the European Community

Continuous upgrades & improvements
As a lighting manufacturer for over 31 years, we have consistently sought after improvements to our process & products, and will seek to continue offering advanced, cutting-edge products to our clients
Proven Track Record

We provide global clients from Europe to North America to Asia, offering advanced filament LED lighting products

Global Scale Production Facilities

Our carefully planned manufacturing facilities offer solid quality control, production capacity with a scale of economy suited for global clients on our facilities

Commitment to Innovation & Quality

As a global supplier of advanced filament LED light bulbs, we are committed to global standards and have obtained certifications and approval from standard agencies around the world

Green, Energy Efficiency

Our light bulbs offer superior energy efficiency with a number of Energy Star/EU A++ ratings on our filament LED lighting products

About Taiwan Super Trend Lighting (TSTL)

     Taiwan Super Trend Lighting, as a subsidiary of the Hong Kong based Super Trend Lighting Group with locations throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany and major production facilities in mainland China, has developed high quality lighting products since 1987.  


     Super Trend Lighting Group primarily provides high quality, high spec. Filament LED bulbs with a production capacity over 12 million pieces/month. We provide ODM/OEM solutions to an increasing number of international and regional home Improvement DIY chains and other retail groups worldwide as Filament LED bulbs increasingly replace traditional LEDs as a global symbol of a new generation green product.

    To offer a more efficient professional service quality, Taiwan Super Trend Lighting was established in 2015 with an emphasis on the needs of Asian/American markets.

    Taiwan Super Trend Lighting originates from a global perspective with environmental friendliness and green energy concepts in mind - constantly seeking excellence and superiority as a manufacturer of green energy products with superior quality and aesthetics.  

     We customize and tailor-make each solutions to meet your individual business needs. Browse our full catalogue (PDF, 9.4MB) specifications or contact us for inquiry and quotes.

Consult our introductory video to Super Trend’s patented Filament LED products below as well as products page to further gain understanding of what we can offer.



Products & Services

A19 Super Trend Filament LED Light Bulb
Filament LED Bulbs
From standard to custom-designed settings, our Filament LED bulbs can directly replace old incandescent, CFL, and older, bulky LED bulbs without changing fixtures.
31 years of Proven
OEM/ODM Solutions
We provide proven OEM/ODM Solutions offering quality filament LED products to clients around the world.
Largest selection of
Quality Filament LEDs
Dimmable. 2700K-6500K.
Edison Screw/Bayonet.
Multitude of bulb shapes.
Tell us what you want, and we'll provide our solutions.

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